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New Free Halloween Scenario – Home of the Wolf just released

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From Skirmish OUTBREAK to Skirmish RAGERS

You may have noticed a change in the name of one of our core product over the weekend. This is because we were threatened with legal action over the trademark of Skirmish OUTBREAK. Our legal team believed that the case was defendable but the cost to defend it would be high, prohibitively high.

So instead of proceeding with litigation we have decided to change the name of our product. Moving forward Skirmish Outbreak will be known as Skirmish RAGERS.

Nothing else has changed. The game is still the award winning game it was on Friday, its just now called something different.

Colin Phillips
Dishdash Games


Skirmish Afrika has just gone to the printers – its a source book with a difference for Skirmish Sangin, this is a tie in with our friendsMiniature Building Authority and we are looking to extend Sangin with the release of Platoon+ later this year. This will allow players to play much bigger forces.

On the skirmish OUTBREAK front, we will soon be realising Hollywood Havoc to tie in with our friends studio miniatures. We will also be releasing a new range of Vehicles and Miniatures at the end of May, beginning of June, once our Day of the Rangers kickstarter is fully delivered.

We will still be releasing the odd free scenario on the Skirmish Sangin blog and you can check them out on the downloads page as well these have proven popular and our forum is still very active.

For those of you new to Dishdash Games  we specialise in narrative wargames regardless of the type of game we produce. For us games need to tell a story and to allow players to tell those stories with their friends. To this aim we produce a range of wargames and miniatures that is widening all the time. So check out our games and miniatures and don’t forget there are more in the works.

All serving or retired Armed forces personnel get a 10% discount off all our products, please contact us before placing an order, using the general enquiry dropdown and we can make sure you get your discount.


“I do like this game as it is one of the few modern rulesets out there that does a pretty good job of emulating modern combat.”


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